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What can you do as a resident?

  • Ensure you renew your membership of the Residents’ Association, or to become a member if you are not one already. The annual subscription is only £3 for each household for the year. Please return your subscription to your Area Representative.
  • Please attend the Annual General Meeting in March. This is the opportunity for you to hear what is going on in your area, what is planned and what needs to be considered. It is also the opportunity for you to contribute your thoughts, both formally and informally, to the Committee and to the Councillors.
  • At any time, please give us your input. You can contact your Area Representative, or any member of the Committee, or any of the Councillors, on any subject which you think involves us. If you do not tell us things, there is a fair chance we will not know about your particular concern.
  • If you contact council officers or the police about something which is of interest or concern to other residents, please let us know so that we can collate input and keep people informed.
  • Please continue to give us your support on any matter affecting the residents and the community. The strength of a community rests in the hands of its residents.
  • If you are able to help by becoming an Area Representative, or by joining the Committee, please let any of the officers or Area Representatives know. The effort involved is not huge but the benefit to yourself and to the other residents can be significant.

This Association functions through the efforts of willing volunteers and we are always keen to hear from those who are prepared to help.

When originally formed the association had a strong social element. It would be nice to resurrect this aspect of the association and we have a current need for a Social Secretary.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for caring