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About Us

What do we do?

The Association seeks to protect and enhance the interests of residents, so it is mainly concerned with matters of planning, traffic, safety and security.  This involves regular contact with Councillors and Council Officers.  We keep in touch with residents through our Bulletins, through meetings and through informal contacts during the year.  For this, we rely on the vital services of our Area Representatives.

Planning Applications

We look at all planning applications to ensure that anything not in keeping with the area is known to our Councillors and they make representations to the Planning Committee.  Some applications affect a large number of residents and we ensure that the views of residents are known to those determining the application.  We try to ensure that any resident likely to be affected by an application is aware of the application and can make their own representations.

Open Spaces

We keep a close eye on our open spaces, any of which could be at risk from development and where protective action may be needed.  Pressure for building land in this part of England is intense and it is important to keep the Green Belt land as clear open space.  We have made the case for retaining Northey Fields and Priest Hill as open space.  We have been active in ensuring that Nonsuch Park and Mansion remain as facilities available to the public.


We keep in touch with developments on recycling and we put forward thoughts of behalf of residents.  The Council take the views of Residents’ Associations on recycling very seriously.


We monitor the roads and report any problems to the appropriate authorities.  This includes speeding, dangerous driving, parking, abandoned vehicles and vehicle damage or theft.


We keep in touch with our Police Neighbourhood team.

Report any problems to the Council or by telephone 01372 732000

To report Highways matters an online portal can be accessed at: A reference number will be given. Please give a precise location for pot holes, trees etc., photographs are also helpful in displaying the issue you wish to report.

Information to residents through Bulletins and AGM

We produce two Bulletins each year giving information to residents, including reports from our Councillors.  Our Annual General Meeting is an opportunity for residents to hear more about what we have been doing and to give their comments about activities in this area.


Epsom and Ewell Borough Council has been controlled by Residents’ Association Councillors for the last 81 years and we think the Borough has been well looked after on behalf of its residents.  Residents’ Association Councillors are non-Party political.